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Overcoming Incomprehensible Demoralization in Recovery

Overcoming Incomprehensible Demoralization in Recovery

If you've just clicked on this article and begun reading, we congratulate you on getting over your fear of very big words in blog titles. And that is quite an accomplishment! But really, we want to talk for a moment about those two lurking words that have probably bothered you since your second day in rehab: incomprehensible demoralization.

What does it mean? Simply put, it means that in our addictions we have stooped far below the place we ever thought we would just to obtain our substance of choice and be able to use it whenever we wanted. We compromised our morals to continue feeding our addictions. As our addiction grew, our morals continually declined more than we ever thought would be possible.

They say that our drug of choice is cunning, baffling, and powerful as it draws us toward it, and incomprehensible demoralization is the driving force that is baffling. We will compromise what we believe in to growing degrees as we continue to pursue our next fix. Where once we were honest and believed in good, we now lie, cheat, and steal just to maintain our addiction.

This is where most of us have gotten ourselves into legal trouble, damaged relationships, become indebted to others, and generally made an all-around mess of our lives. When we come into recovery, incomprehensible demoralization is also why we feel the most guilt. And this guilt is one of the biggest reasons that we relapse back into our disease.

At this point in your recovery, you’ve probably been introduced to recovery meetings and become familiar with the 12 steps and how they work. Prior to the development of the 12 steps, there was not a simple solution to resolve the guilt, anger, and other emotional roadblocks that we face in early recovery. These feelings overpower us, and we often don’t understand or accept them. Often, we just want to dissolve them, and our addiction was how we handled that. Now in recovery, we must find alternative solutions to our emotional upsets.

All 12 of the steps work together in some manner to help us handle and resolve our emotional burdens. Specifically however, restoring our moral integrity is dealt with in steps four through ten. Simply, these steps direct us to determine our moral shortcomings, recognize them and take responsibility for them, be willing to do the work necessary on ourselves to remove them, and to continue the cycle as necessary.

With our moral integrity restored, we no longer feel the guilt and shame associated with our addictions. We can once again walk with our head held high and be proud of our character. Others will respect us instead of judge us, and we will begin to experience the 12-step promises unfold in our lives.

Chateau Recovery is committed to helping you achieve your goals in recovery. We offer a supportive and nurturing environment where you can begin your recovery and work through the 12 steps in order to achieve the recovery you desire. To get started today, call us at (800) 379-4401 or contact us through the form on this page.

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