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Is Life Actually Better Without Alcohol or Drugs?

Is Life Actually Better Without Alcohol or Drugs?

One of the major fears we had when first coming into recovery is that we'd never again have fun like we had when we were drinking or using. Alcohol or drugs were not only what we used to overcome the feelings you we, it was also the social lubricant we used to enjoy ourselves when we were celebrating. Could it possibly be that life could be just as fun, or even more fun without the mind-altering substances? Would life ever even be worth it without the drugs or alcohol?

As it turns out, we had no idea what happiness was until we took that one huge step and decided that it might be time to recover. Yes, it was a brutal process. From the beginning stages of detox and withdrawal, to the return of the emotions that we were running from, to the amends we had to make to others for our behavior in addiction - every last bit of it was difficult, but worth it. We know happiness now better than we knew misery before.

We still get to enjoy the same things in recovery that we enjoyed in our addictions, but the experiences are now clearer and more meaningful than ever. A beach sunset, a day out on the sailboat, a camping trip, or a trip to a theme park...the things we did under the influence before have become things that we enjoy even more now. Every sunrise brings the hope of a new day. Each new experience brings learning and growing. And every new adventure with friends strengthens relationships and deepens our gratitude.

Yes, there are still difficult days. We don't want to paint the picture that recovery is all butterflies and roses. But without a doubt, life in recovery has been far better than we could even imagine when we were stuck in our addiction. Difficult situations still happen. People are still ruthless sometimes. And we may not always have rent money, or money to pay that bill, but we have gathered a respectable set of tools to handle life's situations that do not require us to run back to drinking or drugs when things don't go quite as expected. And we've become masters at managing a certain level of joy no matter what daily trials we face.

So to answer the question, yes! Life is vastly better without alcohol or drugs. In fact, life is unimaginably better than we thought it would be. So if you're worried about whether its worth it to give up the addiction, we can absolutely recommend it. Just remember that its going to be difficult at times, and sometimes it might even seem downright impossible. But trust us, we've been through it and we've seen the worst of the worst. Recovery is possible for anyone, and you can do it too. You've got to quit thinking about it and just do it.

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What do you think? Has life been better since you came into recovery? Has life been more or less fun? Tell us in the comments below!

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