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Chateau Owner Ashlee Krichmar Interviewed in VoyageLA Magazine

Chateau Owner Ashlee Krichmar Interviewed in VoyageLA Magazine

VoyageLA Magazine recently published an article interviewing Chateau Recovery L.A.'s owner Ashlee Krichmar.

"My dealer pulls up down the street. I watch him exit the vehicle and start walking towards me. I can barely walk due to the withdrawal. My entire body feels weak. He hands me 3 bundles of heroin rubber banded together and ready. I grab the drugs, nearly toss the cash at him, and I jump in the back seat of my vehicle. My hands are clammy and they won’t stop shaking. I start my ritual and fill the syringe up with my liquid brown magic, I tie the belt around my arm and start the hunt for a “good.” vein...I push the syringe slowly but steadily, and once again, all is well in world again. The problem? Well the problem was clearly not me, it was everyone else..."

Krichmar gives a no-holds-barred interview about what her life was like before she came into recovery, and how her passion for helping others turned into her dream of operating her own sober living company in West Hollywood.

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