We work hard to make your recovery easier.

Chateau Recovery provides recovery housing that is comprised of a careful balance of structure, guidance, freedom, and support. We work one-on-one with our residents and dedicate as much time as it takes them to get where they need and want to be.

Loving Staff & Residents

Build healthy, safe relationships with people who care about you and want to see you succeed.

Clean & Luxurious Homes

Recovery happens in a safe, comfortable, distraction-free home built around your needs.

Recovery 4 Life

We provide structure and support, friendship, and the experience of successful long-term recovery.

Chateau means FAMILY. No matter where you go or what road lies ahead, when you move on from Chateau, you are ALWAYS a part of this family. We're not just going to love you until you love yourself. We are the family that never stops loving you.

Our mission is to keep our residents comfortable, safe, and guide them in the direction of a healthy sober lifestyle. We do not tolerate drug use or alcohol in the houses. We have rules and expectations. If you fall, we will help you up, but like anything in life, change is made when the individual is ready to make the change. We help create an individual path made to fit our residents' life in their recovery. The rules are still the same, but you will have your own individual experience that looks nothing like your neighbor's. THAT is what makes Chateau Recovery different. Not everyone's story looks the same, why should their journey through recovery be any different?

Yes! You can bring your dog to Chateau!
*Some breed restrictions apply. Please contact us for details.